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Anti Cancer Medicine
  • Generic Name:- Imatinib
  • Trade Name: - VEENAT 100mg - Manufactured By NATCO PHARMA LIMITED
  • Composition: -
    • VEENAT 100: Each capsule contains IMATINIB MESYLATE equivalent to Imatinib 100mg
    • VEENAT 400: Each film coated tablet contains IMATINIB MESYLATE equivalent to Imatinib 400mg
  • Description: - Veenat Imatinib Mesylate is a white to off-white to brownish or yellowish tinged crystalline powder.
  • Mechanism of Action: - VEENAT, Imatinib Mesylate, inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in Bcr-Abl positive cell lines as well as fresh leukemic cells from Philadelphia chromosome positive Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. In other words, it inhibits tumor growth of Bcr-Abl transfected murine myeloid cells as well as Bcr-Abl positive leukemia lines derived from CML patients in blast crisis.
  • Dosage and Administration: - Therapy should be initiated by a physician experiences in the treatment of patients with CML. The prescribed dose should be administered orally, with a meal and large glass of water. Doses of 400mg or 600mg should be administered once daily, whereas a dose of 800mg should be administered as 400mg twice a day.

    Treatment may continue as long as there is no evidence of progressive disease or unacceptable toxicity. The recommended dosage of Imatinib Mesylate is 400mg/day for patients in chronic phase CML and 600mg/day for patients in accelerated phase or blast crisis. It is highly recommended by advisable to administer the drug under strict medical supervision and advice.
  • Side Effects: - Some common side effects that may occur as a result of the usage of Veenat capsules/tablets include = fluid retention, muscle cramps, bone pain, abdominal pain, anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased hemoglobin, nausea, fatigue, rashes etc. Mothers who are breastfeeding are not allowed to take this without proper medical attentiontaking. Please be sure to talk to your doctor and/or health care professional before administering the drug.
  • Packaging: -
    • VEENAT 100mg: Supplied in a tamper evident HDPE container having 120 capsules.
    • VEENAT 400mg: Supplied in blister pack of 10's and bottle pack of 30 tablets with child resistant closure.
  • Storage: - Store between 15 and 30 Degree C


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